Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I made a thing!

Today I had an idea for a holder for my barrettes and other hair things that would actually fit in the cabinet in my bathroom. After sketching out some options, I measured the cabinet and realized it wouldn't fit. Drat. Those sketches may become a desk organizer instead :)

Then I realized that if I angled the panels, it would fit - Yay! I had a blast making it, and making notes for an improved version.

It's basically an open box with two angled panels. Barrettes hang on the angled panels, a few on the back, and other hair accessories can go in the base. The angled panels keep the barrettes visible and accessible.

I'm especially pleased with the clear tape lip at the front.

And here it is in place, where I'll be using it until I make version 2. If I can get some better pictures, and pictures of the steps, I might put together a tutorial for it, just in case anyone else could use hair toy storage.

Oh! As I typed this post I had an idea for making a travel case like this...excuse me, I have some notes to make!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

I've made stuff!

I made a few little things last week!

An origami box (using a page from an old calendar) to hold my collection of stickie notepads:

Some jewelry made of an old iOS charge cable - I used the interior wire as well as the cover:

And replacement ear-loops for my bluetooth headsets - made from 2 paper clips and a rubber band: