Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Gratitude List

I'm feeling cranky - I need to remember what's going well

~waking up early enough to have breakfast with mah peeps
~Blogger lets me know when I forget to close an HTML tag
~home made lemon pineapple jam - so good on a whole wheat mini-bagel!
~I'm getting an ARC of Ian Doescher's Empire Striketh Back!!!
~The customer service from Zappos is quite outstanding
~The rain stopped before I had to go out this morning
~my hair feels wonderful
~I got actual pen-and-paper postal mail today!
~took a walk during my lunch break
~took some snapshots while walking at lunch time (posted a couple below)
~I'll have clean warm socks by tomorrow morning
~I'm working on a couple really nifty knitting projects
~Listening to Tim Curry narrate an audiobook
Aaahhh... Better :)


Shadow selfie!

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