Saturday, May 31, 2014

Story a Day May 31, wrap up

My thoughts about Story a Day May and some ramblings are after the story :)

The Prompt
Two Hundred And Fifteen

I chose to use 215 as my word count. Much to my surprised delight, I hit that exact word count on the first try!
Today my imaginary world is full of butterflies, flowers, and soft music. Sometimes there are unicorns. Sometimes there are space ships. Here all are loved just as each is now, and supported to improve if called to do so. Pain and trouble exist in my imaginary world, of course. People hurt each other without meaning to, and sometimes struggle to understand each other. In my imaginary world we keep an open heart, striving to speak and act from love. More often than not, we work out our differences, ending up stronger and move loving for the effort. In my imaginary world, no one is perfect, but that's not held against one. Admitting fault takes courage. Changing to prevent repeating that fault takes strength. Courage and strength are virtues in my imaginary world.

I love that my imaginary world overlaps with the imaginary worlds of so many other people. Some of us are so dedicated to our imaginary worlds we actually believe they're Real Life. I sincerely wish I could show you the beautiful joy of my imaginary world. I wish you could feel the acceptance, comfort, and goodness of this imaginary space. Perhaps, maybe, if enough people choose to live from love, choose to look to others with acceptance, my imaginary world will become Real.

Ha! I realized after I wrote this story that it's actually the prompt for May 30th! Oops. Leaving it here anyway :)

The bad news is that I only accomplished 25.8% of the Story a Day May goal. The totally overwhelming good news is that I TOTALLY WROTE 8 STORIES IN MAY! Given how much I wrote in the first three months of the year (almost nothing), I accomplished a whole lot in April (Poem a Day) and May. I definitely want a writing challenge for June. I have some ideas; I'll sleep on them, and post my decision tomorrow

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