Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bellydance Day!

ARG! Today it was discovered that we need to replace the entire heating/cooling system at home. As you can imagine, I'm stressed about this. It's not horribly surprising, as the indoor part of the system was installed when the townhouse was built. I need to ask them company why they didn't notice the coils rusting/leaking when they did maintenance - I thought that was part of the point of having them maintain it. Regardless, we'll be opening windows and running fans while we research the HVAC options. That persistent painful whimpering you hear over the weekend - that'll be my wallet.

In better news, tonight I return to bellydance class! I will probably do a lot of the class sitting down, since my back still gets to hurting so easily, and I'm okay with that. This is where my body is right now; I'll keep gently stretching, and strengthening and enjoy whatever level of movement feels good. Heck, that was the case when I was in good shape a few years ago :)

Gratitude List:
~switching to a phone handset with a shoulder prop
~Bellydance class tonight!
~cooler weather for the next few days
~living in a place that's well shaded
~Seriously, check out the trees near my place:

Question of the Day: Any suggestions or helpful hints on replacing the HVAC in my townhouse?


  1. If you have a Strogen's around, they're better than Sears, I hear? O:/

    Good luck!

    1. Thanks! I've not heard of Strogens - I'll look that up :) For that matter, I hadn't thought about Sears as an option either, but I know they're in Raleigh.