Sunday, August 2, 2015


I'm participating in three different August projects. They're each smallish daily things meant to support my overall well-being.

First Project: I always always have a better day if I pour out at least 750 words a day in the form of a stream of consciousness brain-dump. I'll post about how well I keep up with this. I aim to to this every month, and I don't think I've ever actually written every day of a month - but the attempt is its own reward :)

Second Project: I'm participating in the #SummerSlowdown2015. I found this project via the 30 Day Art Journal Project (I'll write about that some other time). The #SummerSlowdown2015 is a lovely series of prompts/suggestions, one sent each day, to help you slow down and enjoy the end of summer (or whatever season you're in wherever you happen to be). The first day I managed to do the prompt/suggestion before I saw the email :) I'll blog about these from time to time over the month. The first two prompts have been lovely.

Third Project: Finally, there's the #AugustBreak2015. This blogger takes a break during August, blogging pictures without explanation in August. She's shared a series of prompts/themes/ideas for each day, and invited others to join in. I'll post pictures as close to daily as I can :)

Pictures inspired by the prompt "Breakfast"

Pictures inspired by the prompt "Air"

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