Monday, June 2, 2014

Writing challenge for June!

Only a day late to decide on this month's writing challenge - for me, that's pretty darn good!

This month, as the title announces, I will write some kind of narrative non-fiction every day. Narrative non-fiction feels so much more official than "random bits of memoir" or journal-writing :) I feel the urge to write about things I've experienced more directly than writing poetry or realistic fiction would allow. This challenge lets me use the many journal prompts available in books and websites, which is a big plus for me. Even if I can't think of what to write, at least one of the 80 gajillion prompts out there is likely to spark an idea. I may not post everything I write, especially if I write something long hand, or that involves other people. Not everyone wants to be immortalized on the internet :)

Today's prompts (one for today and one to make up for yesterday) are from a free e-book I was given when I subscribed to the newsletter on this website. While her work has been really useful to some folks, it isn't quite my cup of tea, although I quite like her prompts.

Describe a typical day.
On a typical day I wake up later than I prefer, get ready for work, dash out the door, work hard, come home, skip meditating (just this afternoon! I'll definitely do it tomorrow!), have dinner, walk the doggie, and spend time with my family. Family time can be as intense as my day-job. Around 8 or so nephew and his mama go upstairs for the night. After they turn in I can focus on what I want to do, although I'm generally too tired to do much. Frankly, I'm only writing tonight to meet the challenge I've set for myself :) Typically I go to sleep just a bit later than would be ideal for when I need to be up to get to work. I function best when I have plenty of time to process the day/recharge emotionally, and get enough sleep. I seem to only manage one or the other on any given day, which is quite a bother.

What do you love about your life right now?
I love that I get to be a part of my nephew's childhood. Kiddo, his mama, and I share a home, so I get to spend time with him almost every day. Even when we're not interacting, I get to watch him grow, physically and emotionally. He's 12, and very, VERY excited about getting taller than his mama and me, which isn't very far in the future. I remind myself all the time to enjoy spending time with him while I can. I don't know that many teenagers really want their aunt around :) I look forward to knowing the person he'll grow up to to be. I hope I'll get to be friends when him, too.

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