Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ten quallities

PromptList 10 qualities that you possess that you are grateful for. 

In no particular order...
1. seeking out the positive.  
     Stuff is going to happen.  Once the milk is spilt, I might as well be grateful for the newly cleaned floor.  

2. Mindful, conscious honesty
     Life is easier for all involved when I'm as honest as I can be with myself and others.  I'm not honest out of fear of getting caught, or some irrational moral dictate.  I've thought long and and hard on the topic, and the evidence piles up on the side of honesty being, factually, the best policy.  

3. I do my best to be kind
     Nothing is gained by spreading my foul mood if I'm in one.  As a matter of face, there is much to be gained from putting on a positive demeanor for other people - it may very well lift my cranky mood.  
     On the other hand, I may very well do some good by spreading around kindness.  

4. Enthusiasm!

5. Easily Amused
These last two are not the same, but related.  Being enthusiastically amused can be a whole lot of fun :)

6. Try to give the benefit of the doubt
     On a purely selfish level, I am happier thinking that people do things from some kind of positive motive, even if I don't know what it is.  The vast majority of the time I simply won't know why something happens, so why not choose to believe the more pleasant option?

     In those cases when I do know the why of things, more often than not there is some positive or entirely neutral motivation.  Very rarely is it actually the case that someone doesn't care about doing their job well - there's something going on that's preventing the job from being excellent.  The person might have misunderstood instructions, or have been mis-directed, or just have had a really rotten day.  It's also possible that I've made a mistake. I feel  right stupid if I'd jumped someone's case just to find out I was wrong  

     Even if the person who screwed up is totally in the wrong, I don't gain anything by approaching him negatively.  In my experience, approaching someone about a mistake with a "let's see what's going on here" attitude is much more effective than trying to prove someone wrong.  If you don't trigger defensiveness, it's easier for all involved to move forward.  

     In the end, it's another case of the kind option doesn't cost anything, and can garner more pleasantness and happiness.  

7. I generally sleep well
     Most of my immediate family suffers from insomnia.  Somehow, I have dodged that genetic bullet - for which I am continuously grateful.  Sleep deprivation sucks.  

8. Intelligent

9. Creative

10. I am an excellent reader
     If I have an innate talent, it's reading.  I learned to read when I was 4, and have been eating up books ever since.  I read fluently and with excellent comprehension.  Frankly, a good case could be made that I'm not all that intelligent, just very well read :)  It probably helped a lot that both of my parents were readers, and we always had books in the house growing up.  We went to the library regularly - I'm still stunned that there are families who don't.  I go to two local library branches regularly (one near work and one near home) and use the awesome download library.  I've given some thought to getting into reviewing books professionally - getting paid to do something I totally do already would rock!


That was a blast!  I may track down some more list prompts :)  How about you?  What are you excellent qualities?

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