Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Moments from my day

This afternoon, Gail Simone* posed an excellent promt/question on Twitter.

Too which I responded:

Now that I'm home, sitting down to write, I don't feel up to writing on it. It's not that there's anything embarrassing about why/how I relate to Wonder Woman and Bruce Banner. It's more than I feel quite emotionally fragile right now; I don't quite feel strong enough to write anything about my inner life. Into the idea file this prompt goes (no, really - I keep a file on my Google drive to collect writing ideas). Instead you get some moments from today :)


After dinner I found out that my nephew's new glasses broke. No, he didn't do anything to them, part of the hinge just came apart. I examined the pieces. As far as I could tell, that bit needed to be glued back into the other bit, and they would be right as rain. (Spoiler! I was right.) Turns out I couldn't take the hinge apart - the end of the screw if flared, so it can adjust, but not be removed. All in all, this is for the best in kids' glasses - the screw can't fall out, nor can an over-eager taker-aparter lose the screws for his eyeglasses. I did a bit of research online, like you do, but didn't find anything I hadn't already figured out about this problem. I did find some great ideas for fixing entirely different types of damaged eyeglasses. Given how much glasses cost, I consider today's research to be time well spent.

I gathered the glasses, superglue, and put some newspaper over the table just in case. Thats when I found that the superglue had dried out. D'oh! This is why I buy it in small tubes :) One trip to the Family Dollar later, and I was good to go. I even remembered to pick up the AAA batteries for my blood pressure cuff :) I glued that bit to the other bit, held it in place for 30 seconds per the package directions, and the glasses were good as new. The hinge is probably weaker than it was new, but there's still an unopened tube of Crazy Glue, even if the one I opened dries out.

On reflection, Kiddo probably could have done this repair himself. Then again, I don't think I want him to have Crazy Glue. He already dreams up a frightening amount of mischief. Granted, he doesn't carry out most of it, although I will never forget the noodle incident**. Regardless, his glasses are now repaired, without being glued to my fingers. May chemistry and physics allow the repair to last!


As I pulled into my parking space at home after work, I noticed just one deep pink rose on the bushes in front of our townhouse. I got distracted while walking in, so didn't stop by to give it a sniff until I got home from buying glue. Just as I bent over to my put nose over the bloom, I notice a squirrel clinging to the side of a tree right in front of me. We looked each other over as I inhaled rain-washed, sweet rosiness. Squirrels tail fur seemed a bit sparse, and remarkably orange compared to the rest of the critter's fur. As soon as I moved, squirrel scurried around and up the tree. I tried to compose a haiku from the images of the rain-drenched rose and the ginger-tailed squirrel, but couldn't quite pull it together. It wasn't a particularly wabi/sabi moment, nor did I have any particular emotions inspired. I was there, I noticed/experienced what was there, that's all. Maybe something will come to be later :) Got something! Not sure if it's good or not, but it now exists.
smell rain-drenched rose...
ginger-tail squirrel sees
we both go home


*Nota Bene: Gail Simone is not only smart and funny on Twitter, she writes great comics :)

**No, really! It's not a Calvin and Hobbes reference! As of this week, he has his very own Noodle Incident. Some fool told him the way to test pasta for doneness is to throw it at the wall. If it sticks, it's done. Aside from that being a terrible idea to give a child (unless offering eternal wall-cleaning services at the same time), it's just not true***. Pasta soft enough to stick to a wall is over-done. You taste pasta to make sure it's al dente. Kiddo, in his infinite silliness, decided to see if the pasta would stick to the ceiling. He failed to catch it in his mouth when it fell back down, which is probably for the best. You have to look very closely to see the smudges on the ceiling. Yes, plural - of course he kept throwing it back up there.

***Does it show that I'm Italian on my mother's side? I will eat overdone pasta, but only because it's a crying shame to waste good pasta.

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