Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Prompt: About what are you passionate?

Among many other things, I passionately love to dance!  I've loved dance since I was a tiny little girl in ballet class.  When my family moved too far from the dance studio, I cried and cried that I had to stop taking classes.  Of course, his didn't stop me from dancing :)

I didn't take any dance classes again until college, but I danced for fun all through the intervening years.  These days I take a bellydance class, and will resume going to Nia ( in a couple weeks.  Frankly, if finances and schedules allowed, I'd take one or two more classes weekly, and take workshops :)  Dance is wonderful, even more so in company with other dancers. There are some drop-in movement classes in town - hopefully I'll get to try out hooping, Pilates, or some such soon :)

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