Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Intersectionality of Dreaming, Coffee and the Subconscious

First, some background - despite being raised in a coffee-drinking household, I never developed a taste for it. I did, and do, love the smell of really good coffee beans, but never cared for the taste. My caffeine vehicle of choice is Dr. Pepper, or tea.

Last week I had very vivid dreams of mostly mundane things, like walking in a park, talking to friends, and enjoying a tasty warm drink. The drink was the odd thing. In the dream I knew it was a very high quality Irish coffee bean (I'd been reading an author (who's main character is Irish) write about coffee). I ground the beans, brewed the coffee in a french press, let it cool a bit, then enjoyed a rich, nuanced, slightly sweet drink. I woke up craving coffee. I've been craving coffee, to greater and lesser degrees, ever since.

My workplace has a big coffee machine that stays busy. I'm told the coffee is pretty good quality, and there's enough people making and drinking coffee that it never sits for very long. Last Friday I made a cup of coffee with sugar and French vanilla creamer - and couldn't decide if I liked the taste or not. Did I put up with the coffee flavor to enjoy the sweet vanilla? Or did the coffee actually make it better? Clearly, this wasn't a sufficient test to be sure.

This morning I poured myself a cup of black coffee. I let it cool a bit, and it tasted foul. Total yuck city. Did this convince my bizarre subconscious? No, not at all. Now I'm thinking I need to try some kind of really high quality coffee. This part of my psyche is convinced that not liking break room coffee doesn't give coffee a fair chance.

Perhaps I'm trying to re-create the flavor experience from the dream. Perhaps there is a coffee lover in me waiting to blossom. Most likely this part of my psyche is certifiably nuts, but is all good. There are worse ways to be crazy :)

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  1. Perhaps you would like chai? O:>

    (PS: Glad you liked that little freebie short of mine! O:D )