Monday, February 3, 2014

Gratitude, Knitting, and Writing

~joining PostCrossing Will send out my first postcards once I buy the international postcard postage
~Jeny's surprisingly stretchy bind off
~finishing this hat

~hanging out at the main library branch has a really good mobile site for calculating postage
~Dude! There's a vertical garden outside the main branch of the public library!

~Adding gadgets to the sidebar of this blog :)
~Trying out a knit heart pattern It didn't thrill me, but was fun to try none the less
~Listening to City of Masks by Mike Reeves-McMillan. A good story so far, and very well narrated
~being given a PDF copy of The Queen of Heaven
~these excellent writing exercises from Mary Robinette Kowal
~writing practice!
Stepping through the door, she could see most of the downstairs. The front room was open, furniture lining the walls and legos strewn across the floor. A hall ran parralel to the galley kitchen, each opening into the dining area and study at the back of the townhouse. The same open plan seemed the rule in the back as well as the front, making an unintended oval track any dog or child was sure to run along at some point.
Stepping through the door, he could see the front room, part of the kitchen, and the stairs up to the bedrooms. The furniture was all pushed back against the walls, and seemed more for show than for comfort. He smiled as he glanced up the stairs, then strolled down the hall and into the study/dining area. The table was small, and very close to the kitchen. Even seated at either end, the diners would still be close to each other.

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