Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Gratitude and Creativity Catchup

Creativity Catch-up:
Saturday - free-dance during Nia, class! I love Nia so very, very much.

Sunday - I'm not sure I did anything creative on Sunday. Does trying to navigate the emotional landmines of conflicting expectations, and conflicts between expectations and lived experience count?

Monday - Re-organizing my Clash of Clans village

Here's the village, all nice and tidy.  The builder's huts, with an ocean view, and close enough to the forest to wildcraft on their days off. Their huts are close to each other to conserve warmth in the winter, and so they can visit each other often.  The army camps and barracks, with lots of room for practice, close to the ocean. The troops can swim and beachcomb when they're not training.

Yes, I do know that the vast majority of what I've just typed only exists in my head. I quite enjoy imagining my little village as a happy place :)

Today - folded the propellor from Easy Origami

Gratitude List
>> joining Kiddo's clan in Clash of Clans It's been remarkably fun to share this game with him
>> wearing jewelry I've made
>> Nia!!!!
>> unexpected bagels at work
>> seeing some blue sky between the rain clouds
>> quiet hang-out time of an evening

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