Tuesday, January 17, 2017

(Belated) Sunday Sodium Survey, Week Two

Days tracked: 1/8/17 to 1/14/17
Daily goal: less than 2000 mg sodium per day
Days goal met: 6 of the 7

Wednesday I went over goal by 220mg. If I were grading myself, I would give partial credit for Wednesday since it wasn't a whole lot over my goal, and it would have been sooooooo easy to go over by a lot more.

Last time I pointed out the common wisdom that after 6 - 8 weeks of eating low sodium you won't miss the salt anymore. I am now 1/3 to 1/4 into that time frame. The health benefits of keeping my salt intake down are still very apparent, including my dropping blood pressure. At the same time, I do not at all feel 1/3 or even 1/4 less of a craving for how I ate before I started this low sodium journey. I hate this change at least 90% as much as I did when I started. I am getting a bit used to it, and finding some new options. I am not even close to being at peace with it.

My roommates have been wonderfully supportive. They listen, have good suggestions, help me keep things in perspective, and are generally lovely people. Even the dog tries to help - although her suggestion to give her all the food isn't especially useful, having a doggie to pet is always a good thing.

I do have fun things going on. I'm loving the new knitting needles I've started using. I bought two new dresses that are wonderful :) Time, energy, and technology willing, I'll post some pictures of both :)

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