Monday, August 25, 2014

#CTC29 day 25

First, I have got to say, Holy pen-nibs!!!! 25 days of consistent daily writing!!!!

I'm a bit nervous about the end of the CTC29 challenge - I don't want to lose this wonderful writing momentum. Soon I'll sit down, write out what's worked well this month, and incorporate that into my September writing plan.

Today's prompt - write comprehensible, one-sided dialogue, without cheating (aka, no exposition disguised as dialogue)


"Oh. It's you."

"What do you want?"

"Yes. It is good to chat with an old friend. Not with you."

"I know you think it was 'just a joke'..."

"That's not the point! Look..."

"No, you shut it. If you can't understand why that 'joke' wasn't cool, you and I can't
be friends. It's not that she's my sister, it's that you would say it to anyone."

"No, I hear you. I totally understand. When you understand what you did wrong, maybe we'll talk. Until then, fuck the hell off."

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