Saturday, April 16, 2016

National Poetry Month day 16

I love today's prompt on NaPoWriMo! In case you're curious, I'll post today's answers to the Almanac Questionnaire after the poem :)
If I cannot have your voice
The wind and waves will
be my only music

Almanac Questionnaire
Weather: Warm to hot, moderated by sea breezes

Flora: minimal, because of the salt on the breeze. Live oak grow gnarled and sculptural, shaped by the wind. Some dune-holding plants, and kelp and other ocean plants that get wash on and off of the sand.

Architecture: None, unless you're going to call temporary structures like tents architecture

Customs: Always warn others about encroaching seagulls - they're bold as brass around here.

Mammals/reptiles/fish: all the usual intertidal suspects, anenomes, sea stars, crustaceans, mussels, barnacles

Childhood dream: To spend time here without having to return to "real" life

Found on the Street: sea glass, shells

Export: seafood

Graffiti: minimal, and generally effaced by the salt spray

Lover: Me!

Conspiracy: developers try to find ways to sneak into law ways to make beaches private and keep the public away

Dress: swimsuits, casual wear

Hometown memory: stepping out into the waves, playing with the waves like with a friend

Notable person: Me!

Outside your window, you find: the Pacific ocean

Today’s news headline: Neap Tide reaches Record High

Scrap from a letter: "one day. For now, the wind will have to be my music, if i cannot have your"

Animal from a myth: Kraken

Story read to children at night: The Little Mermaid

You walk three minutes down an alley and you find: A cave in a rock formation

You walk to the border and hear: Highway traffic

What you fear: Developers

Picture on your city’s postcard: Sunset over the ocean

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