Saturday, August 16, 2014

#CTC29 Day 16

Darned if I know where this came from. That it fits today's prompt may well be the highest praise it deserves :)

"We don't have to vote on party lines." Senator Y looked over at Senator J, two urinals over. He rolled his eyes, and waited until his pants were closed to respond.

"We're going to. We both have all session."

Senator J sighed, zipped, and joined his colleague at the sinks. "That's my point. We don't have to. This is a good bill and we both know it.

"Why me? In 30 years I've not broken ranks once." Senator Y dried his hands and leaned on the sink. Senator J took that as a good sign - he was still listening.

"You've not voted against party lines, but I've noticed the votes you've missed." J kept his voice neutral, gauging Y's reaction before he continued.

Also keeping his face neutral, Y said only, "Oh?"

"Look, it's an open secret you plan to retire. You know as well as I do this is a good bill. You don't need to worry about losing your seat, and others would follow your lead, on both sides of the aisle."

"Perhaps, perhaps. What's the catch? What are you offering?"

J's heart sank. He must have misread Senator Y - J thought pointing out the chance for Y to vote for the good option without party repercussion would be enough. J was too new a Senator to have anything to offer. He gave up the pretense of neutrality. "There is no catch," he said, equal parts angry and disappointed. "I just thought that maybe, this time, you'd vote for the better bill." He turned on his heel and left. He was more upset than he had expected.

A hand on his shoulder stopped him. Sentator Y said to him, "You try to hold onto that naive sincerity. It's remarkably persuasive." With a wink and a nod, he continued down the hall. Alone, J silently punched the air, did a victory dance, then smoothed down his hair and followed his colleague.

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