Monday, August 18, 2014

CTC29 days 17 and 18

The prompt for yesterday was to write three pages using only one syllable words. I couldn't get through three sentences without breaking into polysyllabic swearing. I did make the attempt, and I did learn from it, so while I didn't enjoy the experience, I'm counting it as done. I suspect it would be easier for me to write in a foreign language than to write using only one syllable words. *shudders*

Today's prompt, to write in second person, has been much more fun :) Much appreciation to a sweet friend for the title!


The Florist's Guide to Necromancy

Double check your notebook. You're at the right address, a narrow shop front in a strip of middle class shops. A demon of the third circle confirmed the information and the passphrase. You weren't expecting a bright window with "Flowers by Fran" hand painted over the door.

Go in. Blink when you hear a deep gong instead of the usual tinkling shop bell. Take a moment, let your eyes adjust to the profusion of cut flowers.

"Welcome to Flowers by Fran. Let me know if I can help you." You see the speaker behind a counter, ready to help or let you browse. You notice a nosegay pinned to her blouse over a name tag reading, "Fran".

Remember that you can summon demons and command ghosts. You are not a person to be nervous, especially not in front of an old lady. You can punish that demon later. For form's sake, walk up to the counter. Say to her, "I want to make the night jasmine flower at midday."

You see her face harden as she looks at you over her glasses. Resist the urge to run out of the shop. Keep your relief inside when she says, "No one's made it this far in a long, long time."

Release the breath you've been holding. Resist the urge to ask where the real necromancer is. Do not ask why a necromancer would use a florist shop as a front. Wait.

Eventually you'll see her nod. Nod acknowledgement when she says, "Knowing when to stay silent will serve you well."

Watch her reach into a miniature rose bush. See the tiny bud in her palm open to fully blown as she asks, "How can you hope to control a dead human being if you cannot control the corpse of a flower?" Know, finally, you're in the right place.

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