Sunday, August 24, 2014

#CTC29 Use your neglected senses

Today's prompt is to use one of the senses you don't normally use in your writing.

She arched her back and tail, diving into an oncoming wave. Her shimmering scales were almost invisible under the blue-green water. For the joy of it, she swam as fast as she could. Alternately she laughed and shouted. She used side and dorsal fins to adjust her trajectory as the echoes of her shouts vibrated against the sensitive skin of her upper body. She didn't slow until the tingling echoes began to match her home territory. She took great draws of water through her nose and gills, searching for the subtle smells of the family cave system.

All in a moment she stretched her neck and tilted her head, to let the water pour directly through her nasal passages, drinking in the increasing scent of her spouse. Much to her delight, he had waited up for her. She loved the scent of him, and shivered with delight when echoes of his body vibrated across her skin> She knew he could feel the echoes of her form as well. She glided into his open arms, and they let her momentum carry them deep into their private chambers.

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