Monday, August 4, 2014

CTC29 day 4

Day 4 complete! Here's my little microfiction :)
"Secret symphony my ass," she muttered. Normally she could hear music as she read it on the page, but this one eluded her. She wasn't about to to play each part of a totally unknown piece, no matter how it came into her posession. She typed into the music software that would divide it by instrument and play a computerized version. Like a storybook baby, she found the score on the welcome mat of her apartment. The cover letter said only, "Who I am isn't important. Please share this with the world - you'll understand once you hear it."

Her sneer turned to blankness, then stunned joy as she listened. She understood, and made it her life's mission to bring the same understanding to as many people as possible.

My random words were:

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