Sunday, December 29, 2013

Creative Every Day 2014

I have the unfortunate tendency to put off doing things that are just for me, even simple little things like taking a few minutes to knit, or stopping to take snapshots of something that catches my eye, or taking a bit of time to dance or sing. I'm not amazingly good at any of these things, which is fine. The point is to create, regardless of the result. For one thing, no one is an amazing painter their first time taking up a brush. More importantly, there's a lot of merit in creating for the sake of the doing, regardless of the result.

To help me remember to do more of the creative stuffs I love, I've signed up for the Creative Every Day challenge for 2014. It's a gently encouraging challenge, more about the doing than specific results. I've not decided exactly how often I'll report in. I'm inclined to note each day's creative endeavor in my daily gratitude list, then do a weekly check in post with more details and thoughts. One way or another, I'll post about the process here :)

There will be fun overlap between this and the Postal Reading Challenge, as I plan to make postcards to mail, and maybe some other mail art :)

I am right excited about this challenge!

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