Friday, December 27, 2013

Spiced Cider Muffins

I decided to make these spiced cider muffins, with minor changes. I don't own a mini muffin pan*, so these went in regular pans.  Tiredness precluded the final dip in butter and spiced sugar. I'll include that step in a future iteration. :) I made honey butter** to go with.

Total success :) They're yummy, light, and satisfying, especially with a hit of honey butter.

While the muffins baked, I did a bit if research into Chai tea. I need to make a pot of Hathi's Chai tea! Actually, I think I need a house elf to come to my house every morning before work and make this for me. 

I wanted to bake tonight, but fatigue reined in my enthusiasm.  I'll enjoy the anticipation of future baking instead :)  

On a totally different note - look at the tableau I found stepping out my front door early this morning! You'll have to imagine the bracing air and smell of winter  

*a tragedy I hope to correct some day

**1 part honey, 4 parts butter, dash of cinnamon, tiny sprinkle of salt, let butter get to room temp then whisk everything together. If it's cold in your house, you can warm the butter a tiny, tiny bit, just make sure it doesn't melt at all.

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